Zebra and CDW

Delivering a performance edge to the front line of business

About Zebra

Zebra builds and delivers edge technologies that intelligently connect an organization’s people to their assets and data, empowering them to achieve a performance edge on the front line of business.

Windows End of Support

With Microsoft ending legacy OS support, now is the time to start exploring and transitioning to new solutions. Explore Zebra's Android portfolio for all your handheld business device needs.


Navigating the Mobility Maze

Android is transforming the workplace, from the factory floor and the warehouse, to the health centre and the chic fashion boutique. With Zebra Mobility DNA and the hardened security of built-in Zebra Mx Technology, Android is even tougher and more versatile.


Tools to Deliver your Performance Edge

Thermal Transfer Industrial label printer.

Rugged Android tablet with built in scanner.

Extended range ultra rugged cordless scanner USB kit.

Zebra Resouces

A legacy of Leading Edge Scanning
The Value of Zebra Certified Supplies
TC Series touch computers

GoZebra Trade In program

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