Fortinet and CDW

Fortinet solutions deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments. More than 450 000 customers worldwide trust Fortinet to protect their businesses.

Digital Security, Everywhere You Need It

The Fortinet Security Fabric is one of the highest-performing cybersecurity platforms. It spans the entire digital attack surface and enables self-healing security and networking to protect devices, data and applications.

Zero Trust Access, for Secure Access Everywhere

It’s no longer safe to assume that just because a device is connected to the network, it should have access to everything. Fortinet Zero Trust Access continually verifies who and what is using your resources. IoT and endpoint devices are identified and secured, while IT teams gain full visibility into and control over what’s connected to your network.

Complete Endpoint Protection

FortiEDR delivers advanced, real-time threat protection for endpoints both pre- and post-infection. FortiXDR extends detection and response across the attack surface for automated protection and prevention.

Adaptive Cloud Security

Adaptive Cloud Security provides consistent, comprehensive security solutions to manage digital innovation risk. Fortinet Adaptive Cloud Security covers the entirety of the network attack surface and keeps sensitive data compliant and secure.

Why CDW & Fortinet

Our expertise and partnership can help you address vulnerabilities in your network,
now and in the future.

Partner Specializations

CDW offers expertise ​across the Fortinet security fabric, including:

  • Full NGFW service management
  • SD-WAN management
  • Authentification à deux facteurs
  • FortiSandbox
  • Secure Networking
  • FortiMail, FortiClient and FortiSASE

Services professionnels

You will be working with CDW's certified security experts that follow industry and vendor recommended best practices to secure your network through the most advanced security features.

  • FortiGate rapid deployment
  • Next-generation firewall (NGFW) health check
  • NGFW implementation
  • Mise en œuvre du SD-WAN
  • Secure networking
  • FortiMail, FortiClient and FortiSASE

Deploy with Confidence

Your Fortinet solution will be delivered through certified experts, which ensures that you are maximizing the protection available through your security investment:

  • Over 200+ NSE certifications, including NSE7 (x5); the highest Fortinet Network Security Expert certification
  • ​8 pre-sales resources
  • ​7 post-sales delivery resources​
  • Service delivery business unit with over 15 years of enterprise service delivery experience

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